“First thing about being a patient—you have to learn patience.”

Oliver Sacks

My name is Catherine and I am living the patient life.   Catherine Koperek

This blog is reflective of my journey through a few diagnoses that have provided me with ample opportunities to ponder all the different ways we humans try to communicate with each other.

Patients and physicians. One can’t survive without the other. And, as in any relationship, these two have difficulties communicating with each other.  In this journey I never wanted to embark on, I have discovered my passion – bringing these two groups closer through better communication.

This blog offers insight (and a few nuggets of hard-earned wisdom) for

  • Patients who feel like they’re playing some wacky version of dodge ball. The balls just keep hitting you, and all you can do is duck and cover.
  • Physicians who went into medicine for all the right reasons, and are looking for insights into their patients’ lives outside of the exam room.
  • Anyone in the medical field who recognizes the importance of patient input and are looking for ways to spread that gospel.